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Ever catch yourself looking at a painting and think how did they create this scene on a flat surface? Or walk around a sculpture and think: That's it'? It's just a railroad tie on the floor! What else is there to 'get'?

Sometimes we want to learn just a bit more about an artist or the technique used to create a work than the plaque on the wall explains. This is a little spot where I try to dig deep into the stuff I find interesting, stumble upon and want to share, or hear from you — its also where the art history nerd in me can fully come out! Pop on over and check out what new topic I'm studying up on each month!

Folies Bergere and the Serpentine Dance

Technology and illusion have long played a part in making entertainment acts seem incredible and impossible, and they were a necessity to successful club owners. A section of the Lautrec exhibit at the MFA Boston was centered around the 'Serpentine Dance' that Loïe Fuller mesmerizing danced for audience. Perfecting this act not only required multiple forms of technology, but it's still an interesting sight to behold today.

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